Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dear Dairy

Dear Dairy,

Finally the day has arrived.I have butterflies flying around my tummy.I swing my curtains open, the sun is shining. I said,  “It is going to be a nice day!”. I run into the lounge and I eat my weetbix with brown sugar on top. I run into my room shut the door and go and get changed into my togs. I put my clothes over the top I get my things together like my bike, helmet,water bottle,weetbix top,shorts,my number thing like that and put it in I a big box  (but not my bike. ) WOOAH!!! now we can go to Frimley park because the weet bix kids tryathlon is getting held there.

Finally we have arrived at frimley park we park outside Roses house which  is across the road from Lindisfarne College, and walk down the road a bit. Mum ruby and I walk over to the transition area and put my things together in the 9 year olds line, but there was a bit of an accident because someone put me in the 10 year olds, and I did not want to do it with the 10 years olds. So mum and Mrs potts went over to the tent to get my new numbers for my top,helmet and bike. When they came back they had got my numbers and cap my cap was orange. I went with Bowen,Nikita,Ashleigh and Ruby over to some tents to play some games.  We went to  the Toyota tent, asb tent and the courier post tent.   We had lots of fun. We got lots of tattoos on our arms and we got lots of prizes Mum called us over to go to the Parkvale tent to have something to eat. I had an apple and then I went over to the Weet bix breakfast tent I got a juice  and then a lady handed out necklaces. I got a purple one and at the end of the necklace there was this stuff that you could put on you face.

Now  we had to walk over to the the pool mum said “ Good luck” and dad took me over. I was walking with Jasmine and Emma. We were so nervous when we got to the pool we had to stand around for ages. Finally, we got to walk over to the pool, we are sitting on the sets waiting. The lady called us up, to stand in line waiting for the others to go yah! We can hop in the pool the pool was freezing. The man called , ON YOUR MARKS GET SET GO!!! We race ,everybody was pushing and shoving until I got up the front, I was away, splashes were going everywhere, I finally got out of the water, I run to the transition area I put my top,shorts and helmet on I have a little drink I get my bike I run over to the bike exit, I hop on my bike I am away I am taking it easy because  I don’t want to fall off on the stones. When I got of the stones I started to race, I went really fast when I  finished that 2km bike I needed to do another 2km lap, some I went around there once more when I finished the last lap I went in the bike entry I heard my grandma shouting GO SOPHIA!!  I hoped of my bike and ran to where my box was I put my bike next to the box I had a drink  and I went to the run exit.

I saw Ruth maias mum and I heard her shouting GO SOPHIA!!!  I ran around the rose garden  and down by Lyndhurst road and turned  around.  At the middle of the grass we turned on an angle and sprinted to the finish line and weet bix guy ran with me. When I got past the line Alison shanks gave me my metal I said “thanks Ally” and got my water and waited in line.

When I got to the front of the line I had to go in another one in that other line was more people and aniela and hugh so we had a photo together the lady said smile guys so we smiled at the camera. When the photo was finished Keisha’s big sister gave me a pack of grain to go multigrain, breakfast snack berry flavor I said “thankyou”  I wandered over to the parkvale tent I saw Greta and Matilda they were sitting down on the grass eating weet bix bites with peaches yummy!! When they were  finished we went over to the bouncy castle it was a rugby one we were waiting in line for 1 minute then we got up the front and the boy said “GO” Us girls were racing Greta and Matilda were pushing each other out of the way it was funny but they were having fun. When we got to the end Greta said “lets do that again” and we said “ok” when we were going for our second go we saw Kyrah and said “hi” she said “can you come with me on the bouncy castle” and we said “sure we were just about to go on there”. So we were waiting in line and we were laughing until we got up to the fount the man said again ‘GO” Kyrah and I went right and Matilda and Greta went left. At the end Kyrah said “that was AWESOME”.
After that we wounded over to the Asics tent we played  a game with 3 hacky sacks and you needed to knock down 6 pins to get a hacky sack to keep so we had a go but we did not get one.

A few minutes later it was prize giving he was saying numbers  and they were so close to my number. He said one and it was for a tablet 3 so he said one number and it was so close to my one and this girl won it. When prize giving was over we walked over to the Parkvale tent, because we had to have a photo at the finish line. We were waiting in line for a while and then they called up parkvale we walked over to the finish line and had a picture. Behind me was Wesley Gough and Weet Bix guy and on the other side was Alison Shanks the lady said “1,2,3 smile” we all smiled at the camera. When the photo was finished we walked over to the Parkvale tent and mum and dad had got my bike and they were talking to some people and when they finish talking we walked to the car and while mum and dad were putting the bikes in the back Maia Ruby and I were playing with willow Roses puppy until mum said it was time to go,  so ruby hopped into the truck and I walked down the road a bit with dad and we went to the shop at ate some food and that was my day at the weet bix tryathlon.  

By Sophia Langford

The kindness boomerang

The missing keys
One day when I was at my mum and dads cafe at 11am there were some people there they left. They left their keys behind I noticed about 4 minutes after they left.I went over to the table and I picked the keys up, and took it to my dad and he put it up the back. While we were eating our food dad was doing some paper work and after doing some paper work he rang the people and they said they would pick it up later in the day.Later in the day they came to pick up their keys, they said thank you very much and they said that they were stranded and they could not get in their house,  and dad did not know and he felt terrible.They walked to their car and went home. Once they left dad said “Thank you Sophia” and I felt proud.

The egg head

One day when Nikita came over to my house we had a play and had some fun,but when it was time for Nikita to go home Louise and mum were talking for a long time as mums do.  We went running down the path way I was in the leed then Nikita than Ruby,and I went down to do a burpee and Nikita was behind me and she did not see me go down to do a burpee and she glided over top off me and OWCH!!  I got a big egg on my head because my head hit the concrete,  and big scratches on my  head and a few scratches on my elbows and knees. Nikita had a few scratches on her elbows and knees too and ruby, no nothing happened to her.  Mum and Louise helped us up and when they left we went inside and mum put some cream on my face, elbow and knees, it stang but it would take away all of the bugs YUCK!! After mum put the cream on my face I said “Thanks mum” and dad took me to the doctors to get my head checked out.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A moment in time

A moment in time
I heard loud laughs.
I heard water splashing.
I saw the green kayak flip over thousands of times.
I saw big rain drops drop into the blue lake.
I felt like a ice cube.
I felt my feet shiver in the deep water.
I wondered if i would ever get warm again.
I wondered if we could kayak over to the fourth yellow cone.