Monday, May 19, 2014

Hockey skills (Blocking)

Hockey skills

Hockey is a sport played in the winter.  Hockey is played on turf,  fields and ice.  To play hockey you need a candy cane shaped stick and a small hard ball.  When you play Hockey there is 11 people on at a time, remember to wear a mouthguard.  You want to wear a mouthguard because the ball could hit your teeth and knock them out.  You would also want to wear shoes because it will hurt if the ball runs into your toes.    What are the positions in hockey?

There are two main ways to play hockey, striking and blocking.  Blocking is stopping the ball and striking is hitting the ball.  When you strike you have to keep your eye on the ball so you don’t miss and you need to swing below your waist,  just incase there is someone behind you.  For blocking keep your eye on the ball and you have to have your stick straight on and hit with the flat side.

Firstly,  keep your body behind the stick with the flat side facing the front,  because it will be easier to stop the ball.  The flat side is the side that does not have a bump, that is the back.  When you are holding the stick one of you hands are at the top of the stick and the other hand is in the middle so about 31cm apart.  Your hands need to be in those places because one reason is the stick could break and it will be harder to control.  Your legs need to be in line with your shoulders.

Secondly, make your body give a little when the ball is coming to you, you have to let it come to you and lean back so the ball does not  have a big impact, as the ball comes to hit the stick.

Thirdly, Keep your eyes on the ball.  If you keep your eyes on the ball when it comes pass you, you will miss the ball.

Finally, it is time to answer my question ( What are the positions in hockey?) Well for field and turf the positions are, Defenceman, Goaltender, position player,stay-at-home defenceman and Two-way forward. For ice hockey the positions are, Center, Enforcer, Forward, Grinder, Pest, Power forward, Rover and Winger.  


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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Inflatable world photos

This is Ruby and I fighting with the hard yellow logs
Ruby is climbing the wall.
Now it is my turn to climb the wall
This is us smiling in the camera.
I am sticking on the wall.

Inflatable word story.

Inflatable   world!!!

I am really nervous. I do not know what we are doing and where are we going.  Mum is driving to Pandora pond but she just turned around the corner I was confused I did not know where we were going, but she parked in the inflatable world car park and I shouted, “WE ARE GOING TO INFLATABLE WORLD YEAH.”  

We walk in the door I hear kids shouting and screaming I can see lots of bouncy castles and things like that.  We walked over to the counter and mum paid while Ruby and I got wristbands on our wrist it said “INFLATABLE WORLD.”  Before we went over to the inflatable things mum took a picture as they do click.  

The first thing that Ruby and I went on was the slide I did not really enjoy it.  123 go Ruby and I race over the log and climbed the inflatable wall, Yeah I won, when I reached to the top I jumped on and bounced  onto the log it was funny.  Next,  we got in velcro suits and jump on the bouncy castle and I jumped on the wall and stuck to it it was also funny that was one of my favourites.  Another one of my favourites were you get in a vest and at the back of you there is  a rope tied to the vest, you have to try and run and stick a circle thing to a velcro line and try and get further than the the other person, I enjoyed that.  We went on a few other rides and there we some cool ones too.

After a hour and a half mum said “It is time to go girls” and I said “Ok mum” and we hoped in the car and went home.