Friday, July 25, 2014

My birthday at Inflatable world

Guess what? It’s my birthday today we were going to inflatable world on the 5th of July with some of my friends they were... Jess, Kyra, Kyrah, Greta, Bree, Ella, Emma, Rosemary, Georgia, Tiaana and my annoying little sister Ruby.  As I walked into the door carrying loads of food I said it’s my turn to shine to Ruby almost dropping the food in containers. Mum and I were surprised how many people were there,  All I could hear was kids screaming and having fun that’s what we were going to do soon but not too soon.

My heart was thumping when one of my friends pulled up in the carpark I was shouting to my mum “MY FRIENDS ARE HERE” I went downstairs to see my friends now everyone is arriving “YAY” I shouted with excitement.  When my friends were all here they put the presents down by the wall and got bright purple bands on their wrist.  We ran down stairs like mad bulls and slip and slide down the big slide on the second go I did  a rolly polly it was so cool. It was totally funny when I went in the sticky suits and when my turn was over Ella said “Your hair tie it suck on your suit” I said “LOL” Then my tied my hair back up and played on a bunch of other things.

Finally, we could go up to the room and have so food I was starving luckily mum had packed lots of food so there would probably be lots of food left over.  Mum had made yummy cupcake they were swirl with frothy blue icing it was so good  oh no I had these chips they were so spicy I nearly choked “YAY” said my dad “mint leaves they are the best lollies in town” also said dad again.  Now it is time for my friends say Happy birthday, After they sang the beautiful song I smashed the hard chocolate cake until it reached to the cake filled with  snakes, M&M’S, mint leaves and sprinkles followed by turquoise icing yum The chocolate went all over the table. To be honest people did not have lots of cake neither did I .  

Now all of my friends have to go now I said “bye and thanks for the presents”.  We had to wait for mum to pack up the food so we watched the bouncy castles go down.  That was our day  at INFLATABLE WORLD.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The solar system

Our solar system

The solar system is made up of 9 planets also made of moons, comets, asteroids and lots more.  The sun has lots of gravity it tries to pull the planets towards it.  While the planets try to fly away.  The planets are Mercury (Is closest to the sun) Venus, Earth (were we live) Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (pluto is a dwarf planet.) The sun is a big ball of fire shooting light and heat in every direction.   The sun is the only star in our solar system.  No living thing could live without the sun.   How cold is it in space?

Mercury is 57 million miles from the sun or 92 million kilometers.  Venus is the hottest planet reaching the tempricher of 462 degrees celsius.  Earth is the planet that we live on, which is the only planet that has liquid water on it’s surface and it’s the only planet that has life.  Mars and Earth are so similar in so many ways that it’s almost hard to believe, we haven’t found anything alive there.  Without Mars we won’t have such a interesting planet to study. Jupiter is a really stormy planet and most of the storms never end. Because Saturn is bigger than Earth you would weigh more than Saturn than you do on Earth.  Uranus was the first planet to be discovered by a telescope and it spins on it’s side like a barrel.  Neptune is a large planet it is nearly four times the size of earth,  it’s covered in thin wispy white clouds which stretch around the planet.  Pluto is 4.5 billion years old, Pluto spins in the opposite direction as Earth and the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

Black holes pull things towards it and if you fell in a black hole you would stretch like spaghetti and probably rip apart.  A black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much in that light can not get out.  People can not see black holes because they are invisible.

The answer for (How cold is it in space?) Well the answer is  -273 degrees celsius that is so cold.

My Buddy

Swimming on a road

swimming on the road

OMG, I am swimming on a road and I can swim on any side I want.  I am not getting scratches YES!!! One arm another arm  breath  glug glug.  Oh I can see a tyre on the side of the road, Ok I will pick it up, yes I have a idea (CLICK) I will lie back in it.   Ahead I can see a drop a-n-d bump bump bump down we go that was AWESOME!!! and plus I am made a world record lets celebrate “No lets not celebrate today son” Ok

My Dad's Raw fish

My dad’s raw fish
By Mata Mataio

This story is about a dad that is a fisherman and catches a Snapper and the family helps him prepare the fish for their dinner.  The dad gets the kids to do the job that they hate scaling and gutting.  In this family they have to say grace before they eat.  Will there be enough fish?

Too many secrets (Bec's)


I think a good name for Bec’s will be Felicity  because she loves the city and I can imagine girls named  Felicity loving the city.


In five years time Bec’s will be a model and travel around  the world and probably meet famous people eg. Katy Perry. When she stays around the world she will stay in a big flash hotel and she will have mades in all countries.  When she is bored she would make costumes for sometimes when she is on the cat walk.