Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fictitious character writing

A spring of Elsa’s powers thats her mate, he has been waiting for summer.  In the icy cold snow a snowman ready to go, falling apart his head is in the middle of a branch.   Oh no, what is going to happen to the funny snowman? Making everyone laugh, thats his thing.  Guess who it is he is off Frozen the movie?       

With no carrot for his nose, he is made out of snow until Ana finds him a carrot that really stand out.   So adorable with his bigs eyes it looks like he wants a hug?  Only four bits of hair also three button big white clean teeth but he never brushes them.  

Olaf is really funny with his big snow cheeks, he is alway smiling away.  He would do anything for you he is a loving snowman.  A very loving snowman what would you do without him.  If he would help his friend his arms and legs would run away.  He is so funny and awesome the best snowman ever and only one to be alive.

He would roll his head on the ground with the rest of his body trying to get it and thinking of summer waving dandelions around the place, while white fur springing off the stick.  One foot in the air one foot on the ground thats his poss especially when he is on a lean.  

As soon as Olaf falls over you immediately tell that he has gone crazy, he gets names mixed up he calls people the same name. Olaf is really cute.  Wonder who he will make laugh next?

Friday, August 01, 2014

Retell about Das Piano

Whats the big idea?
Who- Mrs Biggs,Mr Mayor and Thomas
What- Mrs Biggs asked Mr Mayor to come see the kids sing.
Where- School and town
When- When the war was on their country against Germany in 1914 to 1918
Why- Because Thomas sneezed on Mrs biggs and snot got on her.
How- by singing god saves the king
Retell your text in your own words:
One day Thomas’s dad was going to war with some of his friends Thomas’s knuckles were red from Mrs biggs.  Thomas had invented a game called Catch the German he was playing it with his friends until Mrs biggs came along.  The boys got punished and they had to stand in front of the flag pole and sing “God save the king” ten times.  They would perform a concert so Mrs biggs went for a piano hunt.  She found a piano at Mrs Forbes house on the hill and died when she was eating her dinner.  When the concert was on the Mayor and his wife came the mayor’s nose was sweating it was a hot day.  A accident  happened Thomas sneezed and the snot went all over Mrs biggs arm.  As soon as betty was about to play the piano the Mayor came over he had an axe and he smashed the piano it was so old everyone got a fright.  He smashed the piano because it was a German piano and their country was doing the war against Germany.

My Dad

Here we go again.  He is just sitting in front of the tv watching cycling.  His eyes are about to go pop into squares.  When we hop in the car and his favorite song comes on.  He does these crazy dance moves and totally embarrasses me. I always duck down especially when we are in the front.  Dad is the opposite to mum.  If we wanted a onesie mum would say “NO” and dad would say “They should get one”  and so now we have one.  Dad loves the lollies mint leaves, he would eat a packet by himself.  

Dad has a funny sense of humor.  On one very cold morning he would go outside in a singlet and shorts thinking he is cool. Dad tells lots of funny jokes I laugh for a long time literally.  If he could, he would ring up his friends and use a different voice and say “Is your fridge running?”
They would say “yes” and dad would say “go and catch it!” He would laugh and tell them who it is.  Dad sleeps funny.  He would have the duva puffed up above his head and a pillow that he snuggles into the pillow.  It is weird.  

In a steamy cafe with a coffee machine making lots of noise, dad is so so busy running around the shop doing the wages as he needs a break.  I like it when he comes to the park with us and kicks the ball around, we are there for ages kicking the rugby ball over the soccer goal, passing, kicking having fun and at the same time we take Sam (our dog) for a walk and he go’s hypo.  

When you walk in my shed you can tell what the Langfords like.  Dad loves his road bike,  he does every long race on it like 105km it is black, white and red it is flash.  Dad also loves his phone he goes on it every day especially texting and on Facebook.  He loves it.