Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kids extravaganza photo's

Kids extravaganza

Saturday the birds were chirping while the sun was blazing on Hawkes bay.   We parked up at Pertigrew green area and we up to the sponsor area which is upstairs.  We were sponsors because mum and dad donated $500.00 towards toys and food for the sick kids.  Some kids you did not think they were sick.  One lady took us around for a tour one place there were kids lining up to get toys and I loved seeing little kids dragging their bags out and the were full of toys right up to the top. My mum was about to cry because she was happy of what we did to help.  

Finally we could do fun things I went to go and get my face painted I got a rainbow kind of they were really good.  Next I went  in this bouncy castle it was not really  bouncy castle it was more like an inflated thing this is what you had to do.  Well, you get in it and there is like a fan that is on and you have to get these bits of newspaper and they are flying around the place it is easy though.  You do it for 60 seconds and I got a 1 compound so I got a prize with it.

I was kind of a sad ending because 1 things was I felt sad for the kids because they have been living with their sickness for a long time 2 was I got a balloon and when Ruby opened the boot it flew away and I was really sad.  Wonder what the prize was?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Line graph

graph (3).png

On Monday I choose 5 because it was my first time ever at optimist yachting so I did not really know where to go I was with Bree and I felt safe with her.

It was a 0 because I was at inter school x country but if I could mark that it will be a  10 out of 10

I choose 6.5 because I was getting use to it and we had free time and I was standing up in the kayak.  It was freezing.

We had races and one of them was we had to go to the little island and touch some grass it was really fun because that was the day that we could capsize but I did not want to capsize it would be scaring.  

Today was  a splendid day it was AMAZING I went in the kayak by myself but my legs and arms got sore really easy.  We made a bridge with the kayaks and we started to drift over to the boats and I almost crashed into the pole it was hilarious.  Last time doing yachting I was really sad but we will be doing it next year I used the sail when I was in the boat with Kyrah and In the boat with Mrs Roil I was using the tiller.  

Can't wait until next year  

Reflection of optimist yachting


Monday 15th of September

It was my first time at optimist yachting and it was a fun day.  In Napier it was quite windy so it was good for the sail and we could move.  When my class went kayaking we went under the bridge it was quite noisy we went past lots of peoples expensive boats and we were cruising around the place it was relaxing.  For yachting I was with Bree and I did not really know what to do.

Tuesday 16th of September

I was at Interschool cross country and I got 26th in 2km of the year 5 girls

Wednesday 17th of September

It was the first time at optimist yachting with room 20.  It was a really windy day and we got to choose what to do.  There were three options they were yachting, kayaking or watching I chose  Kayaking.  I did not want to do yachting because it was really windy and I did not want to capsize, plus when the were on the rocks the were flapping hard.  really easy it got hard so went and got changed.  guess what, when I got out of the changing rooms it was sunny and I was annoyed.  For on then I played on the playground.

Thursday 18th of September

Today was a lovely day and probably one of the best day even though it was cold.  We had yachting races to the island and we had to touch the grass and go back.  Bree and I got 4th in that.  Second we had to go around two of the poi’s in the water it was really hard but we got second we were pleased with that.  We had free time and I went with Kyrah In the yacht and we were watching Luke because he was about to capsize it was funny, but in the end he did not capsize.  

Friday 19th of September   LAST DAY!!!

Today was the last day and it was really fun we went in the kayaks first and for the first time at optimist yachting being in a single going by myself by the boats and my legs got sore even though they do not do anything.  Yachting was so fun I went with umm lets see yes I went with Kyrah and I was having a go at the sail it is pretty easy all you have to do is find the wind and leave it in that position and you will sail away and I also went with Mrs Roil she was good at the sail she was even just laying down. Friday was like my best day.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Optimist yachting


Here is Emma and I paddling
in the kayak in pandora pond
for optimist yachting.


Here is me in the kayak by myself
and when I was out in the deep end
I nearly capsized

Monday, September 15, 2014

Stop animation movie

                                          Room 10 are learning to make a stop animation movie. To make the video
                                         you use  take a photo and keep doing that and it turns into a video.  Greta
                                          and I made one about a rainbow hot air balloon.  This is our video.

Friday, September 05, 2014



Room 7 and 10 are doing a production part of how Maui pulled up New Zealand  I am a fish in it and I have two lines to talk in.  I am also a fish with Kyrah, Kali and Jayden but Jayden does not say anything he just holds a fish made out of cardboard like us.  We sing Poi e all of the girls do the poi and we sing Aotearoa a song by Stan Walker and some people come out holding letters that spell AOTEAROA!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Production time

Photo’s of me at production