Friday, February 27, 2015


 The whole class has been drawing superheroes to have on the wall. Check the photo out! Look at mine

My Superhero

  1. With her pink feathery tail behind on the lower area so silky way more than a blanket  
  2. So the enemy can't see her she presses a button on her belt to become invisible.
  1. She got her pink tail from kissing a flamingo at the local zoo and the next day she grew a tail
  2. One day she went to the bar and got a drink  but unfortunately there was something postin in there so now she can be invisible.   
The Shining shadow women
I have a pink top with a big neck collar and a silver Z shape with awesome shining blue gloves with blue pant the same.  
Secret Identity
I dont have a secret Identity
Sidekick / Team
Shining mystery shadow
My tail is so weak if it gets cut I will not be able to fly
Spit and Speed & beastly bro’s
A hide out on mars with a fingerprint code to get in and made out of unbreakable mars bars
Captain America’s shield and grey gun, rope and bow an arrow.
To take over my enemies and try not to get hurt but also save the town and my family
Where here where there we on the way we will save the day

Friday, February 20, 2015

Surf Carnival

Surf Carnival
What a freezing day.  It was almost like there would be icicles sticking to the wall. We are traveling to Westshore beach in Napier during the holidays for my surf lifesaving carnival. The  carnival was for  juniors that are aged 5 to 13.  The carnival is when we have all the teams together and we compete against each other it is so fun.  The waves were shockley huge but not as huge as the waves at Waimarama beach.  The carnival was meant to be there but the waves were too big for us so the had to move the carnival to Westshore beach. At the carnival there were 4 different clubs there was Waimarama, Ocean beach kiwi, Pacific beach and Westshore.
First race up for my group was flag race.  The race was down on the hard marble colourful rocks that we wet from the massive waves washing in to shore with white foam coming in just before the  wave into shore. So now all of the stones stick to you it is so annoying.  The lady was lining us up so we were not by your mates.  A few minutes later  she was done and the first group was up heads up head down Go!! All of my friends that were in the race I could see them running as fast as they could none of my friends did not get out so I was so happy.  Next was my race It looked liked I had fast people in my race so I was a bit scared Heads up heads down Go. I am running as fast as I can I try my best and  do a huge dive for the flag I got the flag so I am not out.  After that race I had another race I lied down on my mark and go I run as fast as I could but sadly I did not get a flag so I had to sit out.  I was down to the last 2 Harriet one person from Waimarama and this girl from Westshore YAY!! Harriet got the flag so she got 1st.

When the boys were finished their race we wandered over to West Shore school to do sprints and relay there the grass was not the nicest but it will do.  The sprints was the first race I was in the race number 1. You are in the starters hand BOOM!! goes the gun I show Parkvale pride and run as fast as I could but I did not get in the top 4.  Then it was the finals there was Stella, Ruby, Harriet and 1 of my other friends.  3 2 1 BANG I gun went off I could see Stella’s legs going really fast but Stella did not get 1st she got 3rd but again Harriet got 1st and the same Westshore girl got 2rd.  Now it is the relays. In my team I had Molly, Meg, Charlotte and Me I was starting then it was Charlotte then Molly and finally Meg.  The man blew his whistle because he ran out of staters for the race gun.  I am racing hard out because I want my team to win I pass it to Charlotte and lots of the other teams have dropped there batten so we are in the lead.  But when Charlotte passes it to Molly she drops it so now you are coming 2rd Meg is running as fast as she can I Yay we got in the top three we got third I am so proud of my team.   We walked back over to the beach and now It is the ocean swim I have been looking forward for the swim since we started the carnival.  The whistle blew I started wading in the sea and all of a sudden it went so deep so now I started to swim.  I am so close to the pull boy I start doing some polo swimming yay I am at the poi now I have to swim back to shore I pass some more people I see some people have already finish the race.  I see a big wave behind me I try and catch it and I did so I got up and ran between the flag I got 17th place I was so proud of myself.

We were waiting for such a long time to do the lolly scramble.  While we were waiting I was watching the big 12-13 year old boys do their board race at that time there were huge wave. They were out in the sea when I huge wave came so they had to tip their board upside down so they would not get knocked out but they did.  I was walking around with Molly and one of my other friends and we were so hungry we had 3 sausage sizzles they were so yum.  Sadly a few minutes later mum and dad said “it is time to go this is taking to long” so we had to go.  On the way home we stop of a the dairy and we got a ice-cream the flavour was hot chocolate with marshmallows it was one yummy flavour.  It has been a really fun day at Westshore beach even if it was cold.  



Friday, February 13, 2015

Weetbix tryathlon


Sitting on the cold dark concrete chipped seats at the Frimley pools on a cold freezing day in Hastings.  We are watching the 10 year old boys at 10:00am swimming their 2 lengths for the weetbix tryathlon.  I am so nervous but I don't have as many butterflies as usual.  The lady called us up. She asked us to slide in the water. Brr! The water was freezing but I got used to it quickly.  3 2 1 Bang! We all started swimming as fast as we could. I was up the front with Kiana and this other girl.  I ran to transition and got sorted. Then I was on my bike leg.  I went fast as I could. My legs were a bit sore but I kept on going around the cone I go.  Finally I am on the last bit, the run. It is not my favourite! I ran through the the rose garden. There was so many pretty roses but I did not want to get distracted so I keep on running. Guess what? I caught up to Hugh huffing and puffing really loud and I said “Hi Hugh.” He said “Hi” and so we ended up running together but at the finish line, I ran as fast as I could and I passed him and I got Alison Shanks to put my medal on. I was so proud of myself because I was the 2rd 10 year old girl back.  I waited for Kiana to come so we could have a photo together.  What a awesome day it was at the Weet bix tryathlon.