Thursday, March 26, 2015

A new Zealand hero

WALT research & summarise information

Choose a New Zealand hero / heroine. Take your time and choose one that is right for you...

My hero is  Waimarama Taumaunu

Compulsory Tasks 1 - 3

  1. Complete the following characteristics table for your hero:

Waimarama Taumaunu
Place of birth
Waipawa, New Zealand  
Date of birth
18 October 1962  (age 52)
Famous for...
Beginning in the national netball team and beginning  the captain
How I know about this person.
Because I love netball and I see she is the silver ferns  coach
Coaching - Playing netball
Possible Weakness
Centre because she is used to shooting
George Metuarau, and their children Tuakana, Tanara and Tiana
Marare: Whangara-mai-tawhiti (Gisborne)
Why I chose this person.
Because I love netball and she used to be really good netball player.  I wanted to do a old netball player because not many people know her  
Something I would like to know about this person.
How long she played netball for before she retired?

  1. Choose five adjectives which describe your NZ hero. Present them as word art.

  1. Design a poster for a movie about your hero. This can be digital or non-digital. Make it effective and persuasive so people would want to see the movie.

Choose two out of Task 4, Task 5, Task 6 and Task 7
  1. Create a timeline of your hero’s life. You could use TimeToast from the Symbaloo if you want to do it digitally. There is also one other timeline site on the Symbaloo. You can do it non-digitally too - use a ruler!

  1. Write a report about your New Zealand hero. It should include an introduction, paragraphs with important information and a conclusion. It is to go into a book for school children about famous New Zealanders who inspire others.

  1. Draw a pencil sketch of your New Zealand hero. This should be A4 size.

  1. Create a trailer, one minute movie or animation about your hero. You may want to borrow an iPad.

Note: put any work for these learning tasks in your Topic book. If it is digital - your teacher will print a screenshot for you.

Task 2

Task 7:

Task 3: download.jpg
Here is the poster I created for Waimarama Taumaunu

Task 4:  


Friday, March 20, 2015


Your number is 48!  You need to create a rotationally symmetrical poster

The fractions of what is presented on your poster are  ½ , ⅓, 1/6  .  You choose the pattern and display them. The p's mean pink the b's mean blue and the w's mean white

Friday, March 13, 2015

Christchurch street art


I have done this art for Christchurch because since the February earthquake, artist have been doing street art to fill up the blank walls in Christchurch. I saw this art work that is kind of like the border on mine and write some nice words in the middle. The art is meant to make people feel happy.

Friday, March 06, 2015


This Term we are learning about the ICC cricket world cup.  This is the task we are doing this week for the world cup.  It is so we know the teams a bit better.

In the color black is the team and in green is their world ranking.  Plus in red it is the captain names
1.New Zealand        5                              
Brendon Mccullum
2.Australia               1                           
 Michael Clarke
3.Sri Lanka               4                             
Angelo Mathews
4.Bangladesh           9                              
Mushfiqur Rahim
5.Afghanistan           12                            
Mohammad Nabi
6.England                 6                               
Eoin Morgan & Alastair Cook
Gordon Drummond
8.India                      2                                  
Virat Kohli & Mahendra  Singh Dhioni
9.South Africa           3                                   
Ab De Villiers
10.Ireland                  11                                
William Porterfield
11.West indies          8                              
Jason Holder
12.Zimbabwe             10                           
Elton Chigumbura
Mohammad Tauqir
14.Pakistan                 7                             

Write a list of NZ’s 2015 World Cup Cricket team players. Choose one player from that list. Find out the following information about him.

Name:  Brendon Mccullum
Date of Birth: 27/9/1981
Place of Birth:Dunedin
Height: 1.71m
Who else they play for: Otago cricket team
How many international caps they have: 226
What is their role in the team: Wicketkeeper-batsman
Any big achievements in their cricketing career:
Explain why you selected this player: Because he is New Zealand's captain and he is the player I know the most.

Brendon Mccullum                       Daniel Vettori
Trent Bolt                                     Kane Williamson
Grant Elliot                                   Corey Anderson
Tom Latham                                Tim Southee
Martin Guptill                                Luke Ronchi
Mitchell Mcclenaghan                   Ross Taylor
Nathan Mccullum
Kyle Mills
Adam Milne

Design a new playing uniform for the Black caps to play in. It should include important aspects of our country, and include the sponsor’s logos (you will need to find these out. It should look different to our current uniform.