Friday, May 29, 2015

Basketball Reflection

Basketball Reflection

Write down five things to think about when you bounce a basketball.
  1. Feet shoulder width apart
  2. Bounce the ball below your waist
  3. Keep your hands on the ball most of the time
  4. Push the ball down with your hand and don’t pat it down.
  5. Keep your eyes on the ball most of the time as well as looking up to see what is happening around you.

What are the main four parts of basketball?
  1. Passing
  2. Shooting
  3. Dribbling
  4. Defence

How can you protect the ball from a defender?
Keep the ball close to you so you have more control of the ball and make sure your hand is following the ball so your hand is closer to grab before the defender gets the ball.

What was challenging for you?
Was keeping control of the ball and trying to bounce it below my waist.

What was your favourite part?
I Loved the shooting activity it was a really fun to do and I got a goal from the yellow line. I also learnt

What would you have liked to have learned more of?
I would loved to practice dribbling then not stopping with ball and dribbling again.  I am really good at doing that then I get pulled up for double dribble.

What is something you learned?
How to shoot a goal properly in basketball

Insert a photo of yourself practising a skill

Friday, May 22, 2015

Camp moment in time


I was squeezing through a small dark cave surrounded by giant rocks.  Commando crawling through small gaps too. Strong gusts of winds were blowing hard against us.  I could feel the cool air run down my veins.  A drip ran down my neck. I could hear the noise of enjoyment from my class all around me.  Above me I saw a giant weta hanging from 6 legs super still.  The feeling of my feet sinking into puddles of stinky slushy mud.  I could see bat poo scattered around me in the middle of the last cave.  


This week for maths Miss Hill was at camp so we had to do an activity.  There were 3 groups and each day they were in different groups.  Each day the had to bike between 24.75km and 32.5km it was really hard.  We had to…
  • Plan our travels
  • Show your different pathways
  • Show our working for- Work out our totally travels (Distance) and how many hours you spend biking if we can bike at one kilometer every 6 and ¼ minutes.

I was working with two great buddies Kyra and Georgia  

Thursday, May 07, 2015


This week for reading we had to make something for a animal at the zoo. We choose a monkey. The zookeepers are busy so it as to be something monkeys can do by there self. I was working with Georgia and Kyra. The monkeys climb up the wall then swing on the ropes if the fall it will not hurt them.

Who is it for?

How will it work?
The Monkeys will climb up the walls and swing off the ropes  

Who will make it?
Builder that makes playgrounds

Who will maintain it?
Zoo keeper

What are the benefits to your system?
The monkeys will never get bored with so many different things to do.

What are the negatives?
The monkeys could not be able to climb that high and also the ropes could get worn out and break.

Friday, May 01, 2015

Persuasive writing

This week for writing I went to Persuasive writing with Miss Plimmer. We were writing to the Editor in the new paper. I was complaining that in New Zealand we should have a children's day and we celebrate it.

Dear Editor,

Do you ever have a day where you celebrate your child’s life? I think we should. Children are so special to everyone lives. Parents get presents on their birthdays and Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Children only get presents on their birthdays and Christmas. It is not fair. Kids should have a day in the year when they get presents from their parents and everyone gets the day off work and school.  You will be able to celebrate good things that have happened in the year.  It would be a good chance  to spend time with your family. It would even be a good day to get outside.  It should be a day that we celebrate.

Yours truly
Sophia Langford