Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Optimist Yachting

This week I am blogging about Optimist Yachting. I have had a ball throughout the week going to Pandora pond and having the opportunity to have a go at doing it. I have enjoyed Kayaking and Yachting equally. I have only been to yachting for 2 days because on Tuesday I was at Inter school cross country, Wednesday could not go because of the conditions in Napier and on Friday because of the Tsunami that might be coming. I am happy still though because on Friday we got to go to Ocean Spa. Here is what I have been working on leading up to yachting.

My Diagram 
FullSizeRender.jpg     I filled this in on a sheet that was in my Topic book. We had to fill in were the parts are on the boat. It was quite easy because I was an expert from last year.

This is my slide I made of my Reflection about the first day

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Parris Goebel

Welcome to my week 8 blog post.  For the last 3 weeks my little group has been learning about Parris Goebel. We have been looking on websites and finding out information about her.  We wrote reports and biographies about her. Every Tuesday and Thursday I went with Miss Spurrier and my group to do some learning in dance  At the moment we are making up a dance. We are trying to make it like Parris's dancers with Hip-Hop and Polyswagg in it. I have been enjoying this experience and I hope you enjoy it. Please Comment.

The Dance I did with Georgia and Kyra

Photo's of her dance crews

Here is my report I wrote.


22 year old Parris Goebel is so close to rubbing shoulders with superstars all over the world.  She already has an impressive CV which every professional dancer would love to have. 6 years ago Parris opened a dance studio called The Palace and recently she made a dance festival called Moon Child, which was a big idea for her. The dance is about two species coming together and it is different music too.  Her best kind of dance is Hip Hop.  She loves to travel the world but does not like living out of her suitcase all the time. Throughout the time traveling she writes notes on computer and in a notebook for the dances. Music speaks to her and she like taking people to another place.

Early Life
At the age of 3 Parris started dancing in front of a bunch of people. “I remembered nothing else but dancing” she said. She started Hip Hop of 12 years old performing arts school with ballet, Jazz, Tap and Contemporary. From the age of 12 she carried on to age of 14 years until she began doing Hip Hop. She lives in Penrose, Auckland. In 2011 her crews went to the World Hip Hop Championships and dominated over 37 other countries. Parris was the choreographer for all 4 crews who competed at the World Hip Hop Champs. Bubblegum Junior Crew won Gold, Sorority Varsity Crew won Gold, The Royal Family Mega Crew won Gold and ReQuest won Silver. She also starred on the hit TV show Dancing with the stars in the USA in 2012.

Art Fame
Parris has had a whole lot of successes throughout her life.  In 2008 she was one of the 14 dancers to be selected out of thousands to be in a show, Monsters Hip Hop. With posting videos everyday on youtube and facebook, she has a lot of subscribers and likes. She likes Aradna, Sammi J, Cody 6, P.Money, Scribe and Homebrew, and uses their music as inspiration for her videos. Recently she has worked with Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida. ReQuest her dance group won the world Hip Hop Championship two years in a row.

Other successes and awards
In 2014 Parris Goebel won the young New Zealander of the year award. Her dance studio, The Palace, is one of the top dance studios in the world.  She won the Best Female Choreographer award at the World of Dance Industry awards in L.A. She starred in K-Pop and boy band music videos as well as working with Jennifer Lopez and P.Money. Parris choreographed parts of the movie Step up 5. She was acting and dancing in the movie too.  

On October the 9th - October 11th 2015 she has a Polyswagg Intensive in Auckland. It is 10:00am - 3.00pm daily and the cost is $120 for 2 days.  People get taught by members of the Royal family and they will put a little concert on too. At the moment she is learning to DJ and rap “I want to try something different” she said.  She is trying to teach herself nothing is wrong.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition 
This is the art I found on the internet                                                           This is my art I created 


This is my art that I created for the art exhibition that is coming up soon. We were meant to create a piece of art that is a bit harder than what you do and it represent us and people will know it is your art.  I chose to do this art because I have 2 dogs of my own and this is how it relates to me. I chose to do a grey background because it brings out that colors of the dog. I am really proud of the art the I produced.  
This is my plan for my art 
List of materials I needed
  • Light blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, Pink, Orange, White, Light grey & Dark blue Paint
  • Black Vivid
  • Pencil (Lightly Sketch)
  • Rubber
  • Thin end paint brush
  • Thick end paint brush
  • A3 sized canvases (Get from The Warehouse)

List of steps to take.
  1. First with the A3 sized canvas paint the whole piece the light grey using the thick end paint brush until there is no spaces
  2. Wait for it to dry
  3. Once it is dry sketch lightly on the A3 piece of paper the two dogs (It might take a while to get it right but it is ok and remember the eyes, nose and mouth)
  4. When you think it is perfect go over it in black vivid and rub the pencil marks out
  5. Get the paint and the thick paint brush and lightly and slowly make little strokes with your paint brush for the fur (Don't colour the eyes in with paint, nose or mouth)
  6. Once it is dry we can add a bit of detail
  7. With the Black vivid colour in a big part of the eye black but leave a bit of white at the bottom
  8. Also with the black vivid colour in the nose which is just below the eyes in the middle
  9. Directly under the nose draw a short line going down and at the bottom of the draw 2 lines going down into a loop then back up again
  10. And there you have it your doggy piece of art

Thanks for reading I hope you liked it and can comment.