Monday, June 30, 2014

How clouds are made

How clouds are made

Have you ever thought how clouds are made?

Long ago there was an old wrinkled  man with an eye popping white beard. His name was Steven and he took his little grandson named Henry with him up a ladder above the clouds to a little wooden deck.  

He had a golden tray with him, inside it was a little metal stick with a circle on the end and that had big hole right through the middle.  He held it up to the sky and blew firmly through the hole and he made a cloud.  When Henry had his go it was a tiny little cloud, he kept persevering but nothing came out, not even a little spit.  Oh no the stick was tilting while Henry was leaning on it and CARPOOCH! Henry fell hands first onto the deck “Ouch” he yelled.  “Oh no, Grandpa I have broken your clouds maker. Sorry” Henry said sadly tears almost came to Grandpa’s eyes.  Wait, Henry had a idea. A super doper idea “I will make it into a star,” says Henry excitedly.  

He had finished making it into a star Grandpa blows in the hole, then he makes into a bunny. Grandpa blows in it then Henry makes it into a heart and he blew through it. “YAY! I have made a cloud,” said Henry.  

Thats how you make a cloud.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Stain Glass Window Maths

The Spooky Forest

The idea behind my picture is to catch the reader's eye. The setting is in a big faraway forest where there was a big house and a tree house and of course lots of trees and bushes.  As you see in my picture is a lady has died while wearing an emerald necklace and there is teeth scattering on the ground, while by the teeth is a magnifier glass and a pink hat.  The 7 characters are Bec’s ,Isaiah,Oscar,Mark,Nick,Tony and Mr Bennett. This story could be a bit scaring not any happy pictures so what is a suitable age?

For my image/picture I used pretty much dark colours and I used the skeletons to make it look scaring.  My setting is in a forest where lots of people have been living but they have not made it through their whole life. So maybe it might happen to  Isaiah who lives in the tree house.  On the gravestone I have put blood running down it to make it look a bit haunted and scary.

I named my story The Spooky Forest because back in the day there it was a bit spooky.  People were killing each other because they were  not happy what was going on especially about their relationships.  I think I did pretty well with how big they are and the colour black because it stands out.  One thing I could work on is keep the title in one place so the picture looks a bit better.

I think a good age for this book is 8yrs and over because the little kids will get scared have nightmares and there is barely  any pictures for them to see.  But I think it will be a really good book to read.