Friday, October 31, 2014

Image writing



The beginning

On one wet miserable day in 1952 the birds were hiding in the trees not to be seen while the humans were inside with the fire going.  The flames were whooshing around the place like a mad bull.  There was one man named Peter  that was in his freezing garage making amazing things.  He was an engineer.  Him and his wife had just done up their bathroom so there old bath was in the garage.  He decided to make something out of the bath.

Making the boat

Peter gets pipes from the bottom to the top sticking extra metal to fill the hole he used Super glue.  Last but not least, she slipped on some white paint on the outside and blue on the inside he thought it looked amazing.  When he was waiting for the paint to dry he made a paddle made out of .  But don't forget the life jacket.  

Where he is going

Finally on the next day sun has arrived in L.A he remembered about the boat he made yesterday. Driving down town trying to find the nearest beach to ride his boat he wanted one with not lots of people there.  About 12 km away from his house he finds a beach with only 4 people there she was literally amazed he got the boat out of the trailer and walked down on the sand.

The adventure

He started his adventure going out to sea he was quit nerves.  The sea was beautiful and calm but until it got to a certain bit.   The waves were crashing among the reefs,  it like a hurricane mind you it was.  The sea was so scaring he started crying.  One waves was so huge it pushed him over by the land he did not know where he was he was so scared.  Wondering if he will see his wife again and plus she is pregnant so if she can see the baby.  But he is safe on land pretending  to ride out in the sea but he is on the land.

The end

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fitness heat rate


We are comparing our resting heart rate to our heart rate after exercise.   

You can easily check your pulse on the inside of your wrist, below your thumb, or on the side of your neck where your carotid artery is. Gently place 2 fingers, usually your index and middle fingers of your other hand on this artery. Do not use your thumb, because it has its own pulse that you may feel. Count the beats for 30 seconds, and then double the result to get the number of beats per minute. Ex: I counted 36 in 30 seconds so my resting heart rate is 72 beats per minute. Write it down on your sheet of paper. - record it on the table below when you have finished.  

Jump rope for two minutes

Resting Rate
After exercise

Equal addition

This my equal addition video please comment

The Haunted house


Part 1-About them

In 1913  there were 4 children their names were Gretel, Louise, Harry and Adam.  10 days ago Their mother and father told them they were moving house’s they were so happy because they did not like their old house. Today they were moving to their new house it was far out in the woods  in the middle of nowhere.  The closest town was 568 km away it took them hours to get to the house.

Part 2 -The house    

Not long after they had arrived to the house the sign was hanging on one nail and i said “wimpy kids” and at that point the girl were not to sure about it but of course the boys were so excited they were kicking the back of the sets.  Gretel had no shoes on she step out of the car and the concert was burning her toes got red she ran around the house looking for a tap.  

FInally she found one she turned the tap on and what came out was BLOOD she was horrified  she    wondered Is this house haunted ? She ran back to her family were they were standing they were in a straight line staring at the house with different looks on their faces.  Dad opened the door it was really squeaky.  

The kids ran up to see their rooms…  Gretel ran up to a door she opened it with excitement but covered on her walls were blood she screamed so hard that the house shook a bit it was like a little earthquake. Louise went to check out her new room but when she opened the door she saw a dead body laying in the middle of the room like getel she screamed and ran out of the room back to their mum and dad.  Harry said to the girls “it won't be that bad” so he went in his room and there was a zombie laying on the ground it said “Hello little boy how are you what is your name”  and guess what?  Harry slammed the door and screamed like a girl!  He sounded terrible.  The last kids was Adam he had a look at his room and in there was 1000 rats and he fainted because he was allergic to them.

Last the Mum and dad went to look at there room with the kids (Because they were scared and for a few hours they sticked by mum and dad) They opened the door and it was fine nothing in there so Adam asked “Mummy can we sleep in your room tonight because our rooms are HAUNTED” So the first night in their new house they are spending in their mum and dad’s room Yay not.  During the night all of the kids could not sleep because they were too scared but then started to feel tired and they doozed off.  The next morning when the kids woke up the mum and dad were not there they went down the stairs but down there was….


Equal addition


Write a word problem to show when this would be a good strategy to use.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The best part of me

My Hair

Waving around is my blond hair, I love my hair it is the best part of me.  I love it when it is wet and I dry it. My hair is curly afterwards it looks amazing.  Mum said two things, one was, lots of people want curly hair and secondly, people pay a lot of money to get blond hair so I am lucky.  I loved mucking around with my hair. Sometimes it is not long enough to do some hairstyles. I love to do buns in my hair because I think they are fashionable.

When I go swimming i wear a cap because sometimes my hair get greasy and it feels gross.  Also caps are good because they make you swim faster, when I wear my cap I have my hair in a bun because it makes it easier to put my cap on.  My hair is quite funny because when It s dry it is really blond but when it is wet, it almost goes brown it is strange.

Maths cube

L x W x H


Length: 13cm

Width: 13cm

13 x 13=109
10 x 10=100
3 x 3=9
109 x 3=327 cm2

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bar vs line graph

Bar Graph: A bar graph is a chart that uses bars to show comparisons between different categories of data.

Line Graph: A graph that uses points connected by lines to show how something changes in value (as time goes by, or as something else happens). Based on one set data.

Below is a list of different types of graphs.  Cut and paste them into the column you think they belong in.

Bar Graph
Line Graph
Room 10 favorite colour

What fruit do we have in our lunch box?

How children come to school

The most common number rolled on a dice

Temperatures in March

The height of a bean plant over 2 months

Lemonade sales over a week

Depth of a bath

How long you can hold your breath for

How I felt over yachting week