Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Art Dance

I chose to blog this because I love this piece of art and I think Maia, Kiana and I made it to our personal best. We accessorized it to the next step by using material and things Maia used in her dream bedroom design. Hopefully you like it and can comment :)

On the first day of term 3 I made this piece of art with Maia and Kiana.  We had to pick a theme out of Visual art, Drama, Dance or Musician.  We decided to pick Dance and the dance theme was Ballet. We choose it because it was graceful and pretty.  Maia, Kiana and I thought of having a violet border and for the background blue.  In Maia’s dream bedroom design she spatter painted on the chair so we thought that would be a cool idea for the background.  The centerpiece is a tutu, ballerina shoes and a headband. They are all 3D looking.  The tutu is this fine material made into a tutu shape with strips of other material on top. There is also a bow on it. Next to it was a little cute headband made with the same material plus a little flower.  The ballerina shoes were very cute. They were also made with the same materials as the tutu. The top material is used as the lace bit on the shoe.  The material is a popular hot pink piece on our art.   

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Favorite days of the holidays

First Favorite day

My Party
My first favorite day was my birthday party.  I had all of my friends over at my house. When everyone arrived we opened the presents and straight away after that we played pass the parcel, then the chocolate game.  Kiana won the pass the parcel. We are not sure who won the chocolate game but I think I did because I was the one always eating the chocolate. We ate a bit of afternoon tea then headed to Onekawa pools.  The old inflatable had a rip in it so they got a new one.  The lady said that we were the first ones to try it out it was so cool.  After that we went home and had an awesome sleepover.

One the last weekend of the school holidays, we went to Taupo for a quick trip to get away. When we got Taupo the first place we went to was Torpedo 7 because that is Dads favorite shop.  My family and I walked around town for a little bit then went to the place that we stayed at.  The place we stayed at was The Huka Falls Resort. It was a nice place to stay and it was really big.  For tea we went back to town and went to the Cob n Co restaurant.  It was a family friendly place to go.  The next day we went to the Tongariro National park. The main building was 7 levels high. There were queues to get chains on your tyres so you don't slip around the place.  The Mountain was called Mt Ruapehu. It was covered in a lot of snow. When we were going there, lots of car that had been up the mountain had a thick layer of snow on their roofs.  There were too many cars trying to get up so we decided to walk up.  It got really windy so we decided to turn back and book a holiday there next winter.  On the way back to Taupo we went to the thermal pools and had a swim it was really relaxing .  I had a great time.

Rosie's party
On the last Friday of the school holidays I went to Rosie's party. We played pass the parcel at Rosie's house and Martine won it.  There were pens and pencils in the prize.  Across the road is Lindesfarne College and Carl, Rosie's dad, works there so we could go in the auditorium and we watched Home the movie.  We got popcorn, chips, lollies and drinks. Georgia, Rosie and I got seconds. After the movie we went to Breakers and had dinner there. All of us got traffic lights (Drinks) and we got coloring books and pencils and that kept us quite for a while.  All of us girls had a great time.  

Friday, July 03, 2015

Week 11 Paper Waste

This week I have been trying really hard on my Inquiry Task.  At one point I got really stuck but I got there in the end.  I am really proud of this because I put a lot of effort into it.  I am especially proud of slide 11 my I movie that I made with Liske and Georgia I thought it was really funny and I put a lot of detail into it.