Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Quick Write

This week for my quick write after lunch I decided to write another scene description writing. I found when I wrote my one for literacy fun so I wanted to do another scene writing. I pictured a place in my head with heaps of beautiful things surrounding the area. Here is my writing. I hope you like it.

As I turned around in front of my eyes I see the most amazing view. Green grass is sitting on the ground peacefully listening to the birds chirping away. Colorful flowers sprout out of the ground with the most spectacular hues. One old blossom tree is standing tall with a long strong branch sticking out from the side. One brown rope is attached to the branch with a huge thick piece of wood to swing on.  The bright sun is beaming down slowly on the stunning view giving it a serene touch. The aqua blue sky's above the view with the slightest puffy white clouds in the sky. I lay out a stripy blue mat to have a picnic. There are the most tasty food choices I have chosen in a while. I am enjoying sitting in a little peaceful place watching the the birds chirping, eating delicious food.