Friday, August 21, 2015

Jamie Curry 3 Week Rotation

Through the last 3 weeks we have been having a 3 week literacy group.  I chose to go to the Acting and we got internet sensation Jamie Curry.  Through those past weeks we have been learning a lot about her I have really enjoyed it.  It has been a lot of fun.

Report writing
Jamie Curry

Jamie Curry is a famous New Zealand comedic Actress and a creative video maker. On Youtube she has a channel called Jamie’s World with over 10,229,490 subscribes. She is a self- deprecating teenager from Taradale, Hawkes bay. This teenager is not afraid to make a fool of herself in front of tens and thousands of people. Her fanbase is massive in New Zealand, Australia and Italy. All of her videos go viral all over the world.

Her life
In her early life she attended school at Sacred Heart College in Napier. Her favourite subject is design and she also played soccer for Marist. It seems like her life is the internet because she spends too much time on the computer, instead of doing her homework. So her mum turns the internet off if she isn’t maintaining a good balance. All of her friends and sister have inspired her to aim to become an actress in the USA. Jamie lives with her mum Bronwyn, dad Lance and sister Tayla up in the hills of Taradale. You would not believe this but she is an author too!  Jamie wrote a book called They let me write a book. It has not come out in New Zealand yet, but is already a bestseller on   

Youtube fame
As she spends so much time on the internet she is normally on either Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Her Facebook page would get over 7 million subscribers a week. Jamie said “I didn’t expect that many likes.” All of her videos that she posts are mainly of her in wacky clothes making jokes about herself and that's what people like about her. It takes her at least 20 minutes to make a video.  In 2011  Jamie started her facebook page. She has at least 10,229,490 likes on Facebook at the moment.  Most of the time she struggles to keep up with 11,000 lots of fan mail. Every night for at least 2 hours she checks them and replies. Most of the time she doesn’t know how to post videos on the web because she is not very technologically capable.  

Other Successes
Jamie Curry has a lot of brilliant successes.  She participated in a video with singer Massad; the music video was to one of his song’s Girl Next Door.  Miss Jamie Curry was a New Zealand of the year finalist.  Along with that, she presented an award at the New Zealand awards.  Often she collaborates with singer Jamie McDell and boy band M.A.D.  

In the future she wants to be a producer or actress.  Jamie has her heart set on a career in Hollywood as a serious actress.  She is an excellent and successful comedic actress.     
Reading response video making
This is my script for my writing

The setting for the script
Jamie is playing outside in the afternoon it is a sunny day and wants some time alone. Her dog has come outside with her. He was wandering around the place and goes to the toilet while Jamie was trying to do a handstand.

Jamie:  “How nice! Some time alone outside on a beautiful summer’s day.  Clear sky, no rain, everyone is happy! I love goofing around the place.”
           Dogs wanders into the garden
Jamie: “Hello sweetie, how are you today? You're so cute boy. Oh yes you are. Oh yes you are!”
Jamie: “Do you want to play fetch? 1,2,3. Fetch it boy, go and get it. Get it boy!”
         Dog runs but does not get it
Jamie: “Ugh you make me get it too much.”
           Stomps over to retrieve the dog toy
Jamie: “See I picked it up. It won't hurt you.”
           Swings it in the dogs face then walks back a few meters.
Jamie: “Ew yuck! w\What is that squishy feeling on the bottom of my foot?”
          Lifts foot up
Jamie: “Gross! Dog poop! I hate that.  It is disgusting! I want this stuff of my foot NOW!”
Jamie:(blocks nose) “Yuck, it stinks!”
           Walks over to a piece of wood to scrape the poo off
Dog: (Barks)
Jamie:  “Well that did not work. I will try the hose.”
            Walks over to the hose and turns it on .
Jamie:  “Well I managed to get some of the poo off. now you can't talk dog.  Oh yeah thats right. You are a dog so you cant dog. I totally knew that.”
         She didn’t really
Jamie: “I am nearly done with washing it off, I will just turn the tap off.”
             She thought she turned the tap off but she didn’t and puts the tap up by her face.
Jamie: “Ahh”
Jamie: “Turn the tap off. Somebody help me! I am getting wet! Help!”
            Running around the back yard getting soaked while dog is cloning its teeth to the hose
Jamie:  “Sweetie that is not helping at all”
             Sister walks in laughing




  1. Great job on your Jamie curry task. The role play part at the bottom is quite funny. I giggled a bit. You did great with all your punctuation, so I say this is a great blog post.

  2. Funny video and in your writing it had some good wow words.