Friday, October 16, 2015

Scene Description

This week was our first week back at school. For Writing I chose to go to the scene description writing. We looked at other peoples writing and then we got to choose what picture we wanted to write about. I chose a winter picture. We got to start writing and my goal was to start my sentences off with an adjective. I think I nailed it and here is my writing. I am really proud with my writing and that's why I shared it on my blog. I hope you can comment.
Success Criteria
  • Has strong adjectives
  • Different sentence beginnings
  • Different sentence lengths
  • A simile and/or alliteration
  • Has an introduction, body and conclusion
  • Thoughtful word choices
  • Use a topic sentence in paragraphs.

As I rub my eyes I realize that this extraordinary view is not just a dream. Many trees standing tall with white ice sprinkled over the soft green leaves is a sensational sight. Gleeful fluffy ducks bathing in the frozen lake getting frostbites enjoy the bleak weather. Shimmering snow smoothed softly across the land of delight, covering the slitless places of green like icing sugar sitting on a cake.  The old,  wooden  bridge is proudly sitting over the lake with a eye popping reflection. Flowers sprouting out of the pavements sit under the old bridge giving the place a serene touch. In the corner are the white crispy trees bundled together giving a delicate feel. I am in a little enchanted country of a blissful place, feeling satisfied.


  1. Great job Sophia you really did a great description of that scene.
    It is amazing that you used alliterations and similes any knowing that its in the success criteria.

  2. Hi Sophia, what a wonderful piece of writing to put a picture in my mind. I really liked your sentence that talks about the bridge having an eye popping reflection. Keep up the awesome work Sophia!