Friday, June 26, 2015


This week we have been doing Matariki.  This is my blog post of most of the things I done.  I am really proud of this post because I put a lot of effort into it.  I am especially proud of my slide because I put a lot of effort into it.


 What an amazing experience at sewing. I got to do something that I have never done before. As I walked into Room 14 I had a hand full of butterflies in my tummy. Mrs Beswick, Mrs Niven and Joe-Ann (Mrs Beswicks daughter) were taking it. I saw a lot of people creations hanging on the wall. They were made out of denim, fabric and a whole lot of other colours. I felt extremely nervous when Mrs Beswick said “It hurts when you are sewing and the needle goes through your fingernail.” So I did not want to get it through my finger. I got Mrs Niven’s flash pearl sewing machine. I found it really easy to use. I started off slow with the turtle and went a bit faster up to the hare. I loved making the hangers. I thought they were crafty and I cant wait to get it back.
This is the Art I made on Pic Collage

These are the notes I made in my Inquiry book

This is On Friday in Room 14 at sewing 


This week we have been learning and doing tasks about Matariki.  On Wednesday when the kids went to the Maori games some kids stayed back.  We done some amazing art.   I made a piece of art with Rosie, Liske and Tyla.  It was of the seven stars in the dark black sky. I did 2 stars, Tyla done 2, Rosie done 2 and Liske did one because she done the background as well. The stars were all different colours with officemax pencils. There were blues, reds, blacks, greens and lots of other colours.  The background was a blackie blue colour with koru painted with glitter paint.   

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